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Serra de Montejunto

The Serra de Montejunto, the highest lookout point of the Estremadura Province, with an altitude of 666 m, is also known as Estremadura’s balcony, given the diversity and vastness of the landscape that can be observed from its peak.

On the west side, dunked in the ocean’s blueness, which can sometimes be confused with sky blue, one can see the Berlengas Islands and by northwest, the Sítio of Nazaré. On the south side, with brush strokes in grey tones, one can behold the peaks of Serra de Sintra and southwest, through a vast pallet of greens, one can contemplate the fields of Lezíria do Tejo, and generally in blue tones, can also observed the course of the Tejo River, from Santarém to Lisbon.

Given its singular characteristics, that provide a vast and rich biodiversity, the Serra de Montejunto holds a large area of protected landscape on a regional scope – Área de Paisagem Protegida da Serra de Montejunto – along with an integrated area classified in the Natura 2000 network – Sítio de Montejunto.  

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GPS 39°10'30.30"N | 09°03'35.47"W

GPS 39°10'30.30"N | 09°03'35.47"W