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Serra de Todo-o-Mundo

The Serra de Todo-o-Mundo is formed by a counterfort that is constituted, above the 200 meters altitude, by igneous rocks.

The Serra de Todo-o-Mundo mountain is formed by a counterfort that is constituted, above 200 meters of altitude, by igneous rocks. This counterfort, in which is included the volcanic complex of Serra de Todo – o – Mundo, form a semicircle which shape is particularly noticeable to whom observes it from the top of the Serra de Montejunto Mountain, or along the road that connects Cercal to Caldas da Rainha. This mountain was, since early ages, an object to magical-religious symbolisms, perhaps due to its half - moon shape. In its vicinity, there were three Iron Age bronze spits collected to which are attributed ritual roles such as related to death ceremonies or fertility rites associated to the goddess Hera.

This mountain has a very special particularity, the Poço Romão, a natural well in the rocks that launches a water jet like a Geyser when it rains, coming from the underground waters originating at the Serra de Montejunto mountain.


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