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Church of Nossa Senhora da Expectação

The Church of Nossa Senhora da Expectação is a church that already existed at least in the 14th century, having suffered modifications and inaugurated on the 26th of July of 1953. The present church was inspired on the medieval religious form.

In the 15th century, it was one of the most visited temples by the Lisbon Archbishopric.

As for the imagery patrimony, it’s worth noting Nossa Senhora do Carril, Santo Antão and são Sebastião, corresponding to the ancient altars and congregations. According to tradition, the name Nossa Senhora do Carril is attributed to the image because it was found buried in a hole, under a track.

It’s rare that a church is dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Expectação also known as Nossa Senhora do Ó, as the associated images represent Our Lady’s pregnancy, of medieval iconography, that mostly disappeared or were hidden after the Tridentine decisions.