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Vinhos do Cadaval

Wines of Cadaval

The culture of the vineyard is an indicator of high quality wine production.


The Adega Cooperativa do Cadaval, C.R.L. is a winemaking cooperative constituted in 1963 and inaugurated in 1971, with more than 500 active associates that span from areas closer to the coast up to the slopes of Serra de Montejunto mountain.
At each harvest time, the grapes are received and separated by species and variety. To process them, the Adega has equipment and technology that conform to the most demanding production concepts from quality wines. The technical staff manages controls and follows each stage of production and ensures that the wines that are produced meet the consumer’s expectations.
The microclimate and the concepts that are applied in wine production are the perfect conditions to produce great quality sparkling and table wines, fresh, intense and fragrant, having been nationally and internationally acclaimed.

Adega Cooperativa da Vermelha

Founded in 1962, the ‘Adega Cooperativa da Vermelha’ receives and vinifies grapes corresponding to about 1109.49 ha, where the average area of the plots is 0,72ha. The total number of members inserted in the winery is 2736, and of this total about 935 members are in active status.

Casa Agrícola Horácio Nicolau

The Casa Agrícola Nicolau is a family business dedicated to the production of wine and 'Rocha' pear. Located in the western region, more precisely in Adão Lobo, in the county of Cadaval.


Fazendas da Extremadura, empresa de cariz familiar com atividade agrícola há mais de 80 anos, atualmente as suas principais atividades são: a produção de vinhos das castas Cabernet Sauvignon e Syrah, engarrafados e comercializados com a marca VALE ZIAS e Pera Rocha DOP.

Quinta do Gradil

The Quinta do Gradil dates from the 15th century and is located next to the village of Vilar.