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Núcleo Museológico do Moinho das Castanholas

Located in the village of the Cadaval, next to the Cooperative Winery, this important element of the cultural patrimony of the village was acquire by the City council of the Cadaval with the intention of conserving as a certification of the milling activity that existed in this place.

This mill was ordered to construct from the Armando Miguel Germano in 1948, close to another constructed similar mill in 1945, which lost its tower in century XX. The laboring of this mill was extended up to 1995, giving it self thus for finished its milling activity.

It is constituted by four set of millstones, being able, thus to be used two set for wheat and tow set for corn.

In the interior of this museum core we can fins panels that they offer a great diversity of information, giving to know the variety of mills that county of the Cadaval possessed and, also the important work of the miller in the mill, thus showing the cycle cereal in its different phases, it cultivates as, the catch-crop, the scythe, the thrashing, the cleanness of the grain, its storage and, finally, the milling. 

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Tel.: (+351) 262 690 166
GPS 39°14'32.25"N | 09°05'55.74"W

GPS 39°14'32.25"N | 09°05'55.74"W

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