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Museu Municipal do Cadaval

The Museum was created by the Cadaval Council in 1996 and is located on the building of the Municipal Library

This Museum provides knowledge about the Municipality’s archaeological heritage and ethnographic history through the historic archives and library. Also has an audiovisual space where one can observe many features of the Municipality’s cultural heritage.

The Treasure of Pragança stands out from the Museum’s archaeological heritage. In 1934, a miller’s son from Pragança found a gold bead and sold it to a goldsmith.

Attempting to find more, he searched the area above the path that leads to the hill fort, and found a jewel treasure in shallow depth. This treasure was composed by a gold lunula, three silver lunulae, a silver torc (solid neck ring), a silver vase with a golden rim from the Iron Age (5th to 2nd centuries BC). This treasure is on display at the Museu Nacional de Arqueologia.

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Activities: Investigation, organization of events, pedagogical activities inserted on the education service of the Museum.

Services: Publications sell, guided visits and educations activities.

Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday
10 am to 12:30 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm

Tel.: (+351) 262 690 166.
GPS 39°14'32.64"N | 09°05'58.99"W

GPS 39°14'32.64"N | 09°05'58.99"W

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Atividades: Investigação, organização de eventos, atividades ludo-pedagógicas inseridas no serviço educativo do Museu.

Serviços: Venda de publicações, visitas guiadas ao espólio do museu, atividades educativas.

Horário: Segunda a Sexta
09:30 às 16:00 horas