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'Castanheiros' Picnic Park

Located in the forest of chestnut trees, this park establishes the connection between the complex of the “Real Fábrica do Gelo” and the Environmental Interpretation Center.

The park has eight tables, with an average capacity of six to eight people per table. Like structures to support its use has a small bar, toilets and a small playground.

Given its location and the fact that it is surrounded by a magnificent forest of chestnut trees, this park is the location of choice for a picnic in the mountain.

On weekends this place is filled with visitors who take the opportunity to rest from the daily rhythm.

It should also be noted that the park has hosted various events that have been held in the Sierra and in the vicinity there is also an amphitheater that functions as a place for outdoor meetings and workshops.

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Quinta da Serra, Montejunto
2550-367 Lamas CDV

Tourist Office of Câmara Municipal de Cadaval
Cell.: (+351) 916 371 944/ 916 782 628
GPS 39°10'45.32"N | 09°2'58.49"W

GPS 39°10'45.32"N | 09°2'58.49"W