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Produtos Locais

Mercado ECOrural do Oeste – Cadaval

The Mercado ECOrural do Oeste – Cadaval is an ecological rural market which project results from a partnership between the Municipality and Leader Oeste, having its basis on a rural standpoint, tradition and respect for nature, facing small scale production as a complement to the economic activity, capable of generating not only additional revenue, as new business opportunities.


The Bolo Doce Figueiros is located in Figueiros in the Dr. Manuel Pacheco Botelho Junior Street nº3 (next to the cemetery and lumbering), and is dedicated to the manufacture and trade of traditional dry cake, simple and artistic birthday cakes and variety of pastries (pies, pastries, semifrios, etc.).

Mel da Serra de Montejunto

The Serra de Montejunto, of strong traditions like ‘Cantar dos Reis’ and ‘Romaria de Nossa Senhora das Neves’, is particularly a legendary land of myrtle, rosemary, milk and honey.

Pão de Ló Ti’Piedade

A local product known in the area as Pão de Ló do Painho, this sponge cake is recognized internationally, preserving its original characteristics and quality always known by the local population.

Queijos - Lacticínios Montejunto

With a distinctive flavor, due to the particularity of the pastures in the Serra de Montejunto Mountain