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Frutus – Estação Fruteira do Montejunto, CRL

The Frutus is located in the parish of Peral, right in the center of the western region where Pera Rocha is queen. Founded in 1992, its thirty-eight producers harvest per year about 17,000,000 kg.

The Frutus is a modern Central of Fruit, the largest of the triPortugal, which is currently an important milestone in the commercialization and export of pears and apples.

In addition to pears, the Frutus also has own production of plums and apples (Gala, Fuji, Reineta and Riscadinha de Palmela).

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Estrada Nacional 366 4, Sobrena
2550-458 PERAL CDV Sobrena
GPS 39°15'39.92"N | 09°01'47.42"W

Tel.: (+351) 262 740 020

GPS 39°15'39.92"N | 09°01'47.42"W