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Atividades Desportivas

Trails and Routes

Enjoy the defined paths and routes in the county of Cadaval

Gomez Clube Hípico

O Gomez Clube Hípico, situado na Quinta do Lezeirão, Sobrena, é um Centro Hípico federado na Federação Equestre Portuguesa, tendo como responsável técnico o Treinador de Desporto, Jorge Miguel Gomez.


If you like heights, the Serra de Montejunto gives you one of the most beautiful aerial views in the Estremadura region.


If you want to start this adventure, you should first found an expert guide. But if you already have experience in this sport, the Serra de Montejunto has much to offer.


There are in Serra de Montejunto near a hundred caves that make it possible the practice of speleology, the visit to these spaces are an unforgettable experience.


It is a place of high altitude and with little light, so you can make the observation of the stars under appropriate conditions. However, the fact that air masses come predominantly from the ocean, charged with moisture, is often the formation of mist and fog that hamper or unviable the practice of this activity.